AAROHI which literally means “the one who ascends” in Sanskrit is a Dream School Foundation initiative under the programme LEAP. Our Livelihood and Employment Assistance Programme (LEAP) aims to equip educated and semi-educated youth with skills to find and sustain employment opportunities.


Merely 53% of youth completing graduation are employable in India today. Over the years, as we mentored and nurtured students from marginalized communities to bring out their individuality, we saw great untapped talent. The potential and passion of some of these youth are not encouraged, as their families aspire conventional white-collared jobs for them. Their innate skills go unexploited, while they are compelled to join a regular clerical job. This prompted us to provide a platform for such youth to use their abilities to create value for themselves and for the world.

DSF has identified many Youth, who have the inclination to work in the creative arts field or pursue a profession in tailoring. They form the pool of talent and workforce who will be given employment and opportunity to grow with AAROHI.

Proceeds from the products go towards supporting education and livelihood of marginalized children and youth.

AAROHI Products

What we seek to achieve?


Provide a platform for marginalized youth to gain employment and experience in a field of their choice

Learning and Development

Polish and hone their skills through continuous learning and development


Upskill youth through intensive mentoring and nurturing by experts in their field


Enable and enrol more people from diverse backgrounds to support the cause of education and livelihood of marginalized youth

Significance of AAROHI in the current scenario

The pandemic has impacted everyone in different ways. Families from marginalized communities are the worst hit, while some struggle to send their children to school, others face uncertain employment and layoffs. This poses the risk of many dropping out of education due to inability to pay their fees, or, to support their families by taking up employment. The proceeds from AAROHI products will help curb drop outs and ensure continuity of education of children from marginalized communities. The programme in itself will also create and provide employment to those rendered unemployed, as well as, our students seeking livelihood.

What makes AAROHI different?

They are conceived and created out of sheer passion and unique skills of individuals,
with high emphasis on quality and finesse, making them exclusive

  • AAROHI products emphasize on utility and quality while being environment friendly

  • They are typically made from natural fabrics and materials

  • The designs range from trendy to ethnic, catering to different customer needs and demographics

  • Products are washable and reusable, making them long lasting

What you can do to support?

Invest in AAROHI

Promote AAROHI products
in your circles

Connect us to your organization for possible partnerships

Spread the word about AAROHI through social media

Our AAROHI Inspiration

When Ihdina Anjum walked into DSF for the first time 9 years ago, a lanky teenage girl, barely audible and extremely hesitant to hold eye contact, her innate talent was far from visible. Our student under HeadStart since 8th standard, she was always drawn towards creative art. ‘When I was a child I used to love drawing and painting’ she recalls, and credits her mother with being her first teacher and inspiration to start embroidery and stitching, ‘My father used to work at a butcher shop but he would hardly give his income to the family, so my mother used to stitch dresses for us and also for others to earn a little money. I used to help her with her work’. Given the family conditions, her brother dropped out at 9th standard and started working in the local fish market to earn a living for the family. Her elder sister, also a student of DSF completed her graduation and took up employment as an Accounts assistant. But Ihdina ‘s heart lay elsewhere, ‘After completing pre-university I joined a one-year free training course in stitching and learnt many new techniques.

After she completed her graduation in Bachelor of Arts (BA) there was family pressure to take up employment in some office or school. “ I was not at all interested in academics or a conventional job, I just wanted to stitch and create new things. I used to visit DSF often and speak to my teachers. and they decided to create this platform for me’, she shares with a bright gleam in her eyes, “I was just like any other average child with regular aspirations, but through this programme I‘m able to dream big and I‘m so much more confident today’, she concludes with conviction. Ihdina is guided and handheld by various experts in her field, to give her exposure which would add value to her creativity.

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