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In a rapidly changing India, business houses and groups play a vital role in developing India in all spheres. We appreciate and solicit the social responsibility initiatives of corporate houses and groups in addressing some of the pressing issues like education, health and environment.

We can design and facilitate your community involvement programme in line with DSFs mission and objectives. We believe that community partnerships can only work if organizations promote individual social responsibility of their employees. You can adopt schools with us and achieve our objective of creating quality schools for our children and we will provide you with programmes, know how and assure you with implementation with impact. We can collectively monitor and add value to this programme.

You as a group can sponsor our HeadStart Individual children or a HeadStart centre.

To take and example, Rambus Chip Technologies has sponsored an educational and development centre at Yeshwantpur in Bangalore and Sackhumvit trust sponsored the education of the kids at the centre. Read more about some of our partners listed below and learn about the incredible opportunities for education they've helped make possible:

• Juniper Networks

• Sackhumvit Trust

• Rambus Chip Technologies

• Target Corporation

• Variety Honkong

• United Way Bengaluru (UWBe)

•  SM NetServ

• ORA Volunteers

• PACE India

•  Richard Ivey School Of Business

• India Literacy Project, ILP

• JMJ Associates, ME Team (Doha, Qatar)

Your partnership queries can be addressed to info@dsfindia.org and we would be happy to meet you to make the happy childhood a reality for our children.
We want to invite you to be part of our movement, Dream School Foundation(DSF). Find opportunities to volunteer your time and talents to help make a difference.
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