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Story of millions

As the country went into a lock down mode due to the #COVID19 pandemic, we sensed the need to handhold the distressed families of our students. The immediate need was access to food as many of them were daily wagers and had no or minimum cash in hand. Many being migrant workers, did not have their BPL (Below Poverty Line) cards registered in Bangalore, depriving them of the benefits available. Medical needs, hygiene and sanitation needs, and practical problems of not being able to communicate using their phones in case of an emergency, or to attend virtual classes, were among the other ever-increasing challenges.

Survival needs or education?

While the world is debating about economic revival and growth, people from marginalized communities have even bigger concerns and are torn between choosing survival needs and basic education. The pandemic has already pushed marginalized communities deep into debt and uncertain about future source of income, its aftermath is going to impact millions of children severely, unless we start acting now. An uncertain and plunging economy can push many into labour or drop out of education, and, squander their potential, as well as, our future.

We have been working to see how we can fill the gap on the ground addressing the issues in real time. We have reached out to over 350 families and 600 students from marginalized communities so far, through various support measures

Immediate Relief and Beyond

Lending a hand to these families is just a click away:

GiveIndia ensures 100% of your investment will reach the cause with no deductions!
   To Donate from India, please visit: fundraisers.giveindia.org
   To Donate from the US, please visit: www.dsfus.org/donate
   To Donate from Germany, please visit: www.betterplace.org

For any further Queries please write to us at info@dsfindia.org ,Feel free please call 9844060478.

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