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To address the gap in quality and equity issues in public education it is highly imperative to create resources and facilities in the community settings. Our Education and Development (E&D) centers situated around the government schools, close to the community aim at plugging this visible gap. The children from these schools can benefit and develop further by the facilities provided by the centre.

The E&D centre programme focuses on learning and overall development of the children to supplement the education provided at the government schools with enhanced participation from the community in general and parents in particular.
Our learning centers offer high quality, age appropriate learning level interventions with specific focus on English language along with self esteem building activities. The centre act as a catalyst to promote and facilitate the development of children through the collective action of civil society.
The centre adopts a mix of best management practices along with the sustainable development paradigm. In addition to being learning cum study centre for children, the centre acts as an advocacy hub for the cause of education. The centre also conduct right based workshops and disseminate information on the governance, management and rights of the children at the schools and help civil society to use the information to rally for the cause of education and children.

The centre act as a nodal point for the government schools in the neighbourhood. The centre works very closely with the parent community and the designated programme personnel working with them in the areas of Information, Communication and Education (IEC) for parenting, child development and also to address and participate in the governance of the school.
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