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Dream School Foundation (DSF) recognises the importance of youth and their role in nation building and development. That’s why Higher Education and Development are central to our programs.

As we celebrate Children’s day in India on 14th November, a day to partner with us to double our reach from 500 plus students in the universities to 1000 plus.

As we challenge how things stand, and demand the Right to Education for the most disadvantaged communities in Urban Bangalore, we solicit your voice, commitment and actions in making University Education Real for 1000 students.

As we honour your support and collective actions by challenging the predictable future of hundreds of disadvantaged children, our journey needs to extend to include many more who aspire to be in the colleges and universities

Today we ACT for Higher Education! Here is what you can do…

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We want to invite you to be part of our movement, Dream School Foundation(DSF). Find opportunities to volunteer your time and talents to help make a difference.
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