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Everyone is talking about unemployment and it reflects the failure of governments, but is creating jobs the onus of just the policy makers? We believe not. Over the years, as we mentored and nurtured students from marginalized communities to bring out their individuality, we saw great untapped talent, and, aspirations which lacked strong support. They came with great potential of creating value for the world and for themselves, which is the need of the hour. ...

When Adhina Anjum walked into DSF for the first time 9 years ago, a lanky teenage girl, barely audible and extremely hesitant to hold eye contact, her innate talent was far from visible. Our student under HeadStart since 8th standard, she was always drawn towards arts. ‘When I was a child I used to love drawing and painting’, she recalls, and credits her mother with being her first teacher and inspiration to start embroidery and stitching, ‘My father used to work at a butcher shop but he would hardly give his income for the family, so my mother used to stitch dresses for us and also for others to make a little money. I used to help her with her work’. Given the family conditions, her brother dropped out at 9th standard and started working in the local fish market to earn a living for the family. Her elder sister, also a student of DSF completed her graduation and took up employment as an accounts assistant. But Adina’s heart lay elsewhere, ‘After completing pre-university I joined a one year free training course in stitching and learnt many new techniques. Post that course I joined Bachelor of Arts’.

After she completed her graduation there was family pressure to take up employment in a company or a school. “I was not at all interested in a conventional job, I just wanted to stitch and create new things. That’s only as far as I could think. That’s when I approached DSF and they created a platform for me”, she shares with a smile,” And not only that, today I’m able to even think of opening a boutique and am slowly developing confidence. I was just like any other average child with conventional aspirations, but through this programme I’m able to dream big”, she concludes with conviction and a bright gleam in her eyes.

As she sits in her office, a co-working space created for her by DSF, she works on her fabric with utmost concentration. The glow and quiet determination on her face reflects an empowered woman gearing up for a male dominated field and leading a growing sector in India.

Under DSF’s initiative, Adhina is being handheld by various SME’s to give her exposure which would add value to her creativity. She is also learning the basics of business management and marketing, and undergoing English language course to improve her communication skills. Through the incubator she is also getting support to connect with new customers and market her products across India, as well as abroad.

Encouraging women entrepreneurs, we are currently identifying and enrolling more girls and empowering them to be a part of the process of stimulating economic growth.