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We at DSF promote partnership with corporate and civil society organizations in order to make our vision a reality. We believe that civil society participation and engagement is very crucial to bring about a desired social change. Here we capture a glimpse of our valuable partnerships and acknowledge and recognise their involvement with our work.

These partnerships enable and facilitate our holistic School Development programmes, E&D centers, HeadStart and Ten Plus initiatives. The support goes beyond funding to mentoring, value addition by employee participation in our programmes.

 Juniper Networks
The Juniper Networks Foundation, an advised fund of Silicon Valley Community Foundation support and partner our Holistic School Development Programme (HSDP)in urban Government schools. In addition to the crucial financial support provide from 2008, the continued involvement of the volunteer group at our schools has been a wonderful example of individuals contributing to the development of public schools.


 Sackhumvit Trust
The Sackhumvit Trust has been our strong partner and close associates, primarily responsible in helping us develop and build the HeadStart & the Ten Plus programme. The thrust areas of Sackhumvit trust (http://www.sackhumvit.org/) are healthcare and education to impoverished communities through sustainable and multi-faceted projects. They partner our programmes by contributing to the development of strategy, involvement in implementation and evaluation of the projects.


 Rambus Chip Technologies
Rambus Chip Technologies, Bangalore support our Education and Development Centre at Yeshwantpur, Bangalore. This centre has also been our centre of operations and administration from 2007. The continued and sustained faith that Rambus Chip Technologies has placed in us to partner this activity over the years gives us the impetus to grow in number of children and facilities at this centre.


 Target Corporation
DSF was awarded the Target Corporation grant for expanding the scope of our Integrated Education and Development Programme (IEDP). We initiated the programme in 2011 in the RT Nagar cluster and our students had wonderful experiences with the committed team of volunteers from Target.


 Richard Ivey School Of Business
The EMBA class of the Richard Ivey School Of Business Management, Canada in their endeavor to follow their mission “To develop business leaders who think globally, act strategically and contribute to the societies within which they operate” decide to contribute towards the Education & Development of children in India and decided to partner with Dream School Foundation towards this effect. They have spent the last 11 months raising funds for DSF through various events & initiatives. DSF will use the funds towards the Ten Plus Programme.


 Variety Honkong
Variety, the Children's Charity is dedicated to promoting and protecting the health and wellbeing of children internationally. Through a network of 50 Tents (or Chapters) in 14 counties, DSF was selected by Variety Hongkong to receive material support for our E&D centres and schools. We were granted support in form of computers, furniture, books, science lab material, educational resources for the students, benches for the schools and other amenities which has given a tremendous facelift to our centres and schools.


 India Literacy Project, ILP
India Literacy Project, ILP, is a volunteer based non-profit organization dedicated to the cause of literacy in India. ILP partner with us to support our HeadStart students under their Puraskara programme.

 United Way Bengaluru (UWBe)
United Way Bengaluru (UWBe)  is a nonprofit organization based in Bangalore that seeks and addresses the root causes of key issues and is accountable for stewardship of resources for short-term & long-term results. We partner with UWBe for our Learning level Enhancement Programme that aims to enhance the learning levels of primary school students in Math, Science & languages through activity based methods and remedial teaching.

We want to invite you to be part of our movement, Dream School Foundation(DSF). Find opportunities to volunteer your time and talents to help make a difference.
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