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The advocacy and research wing of DSF strives to gather support and mobilize people in addressing the right to education and allied issues. The childrens issues deserve special attention as their voices are seldom heard and its the responsibility of the civil society to make their issues heard and their opinions get discussed and addressed.

Our advocacy cell runs campaigns for Right to education and networks with other organizations that strive for the equity and quality issues in education and rights of our children. The premise of our work and relationships are decided by external agencies and if we cant influence these decisions we may not bring about the desired social change.
We encourage our stakeholders to get into advocacy roles as it becomes absolutely essential when we work with the system.

We as a responsible civil society organization research, analyse and advocate the issues and align with advocacy efforts happening in the field across the country.

We invite you to be a partner in our research and advocacy efforts to mobilize civil society opinion and voices right from your home, office and community to fight for the right of our children.
We want to invite you to be part of our movement, Dream School Foundation(DSF). Find opportunities to volunteer your time and talents to help make a difference.
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